National and international transport

By land

The aim of this report is to describe and to inform you about the services available in our company.
First of all, our company is well provided with a fleet of 30 trucks (TIR standard and 13,50 meters long) as well as several collaborators whom contribute to give a wide range of services either NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL from/to any part of EUROPE .

Foreign commerce

To sum up our professionals have a wide experience as well as a deep fluency in several languages, such as English, German, French, etc, being at the same time titled in international forwarders which entitles them to emit all sorts of FCL, FCR documents all at your entire disposition.
In addition we also have employees who can give you professional advice and able to cope with custom-house services in several countries.


In other words all our goods ensure an economic compensation according to CMR terms in case of loos or damage. In conclusion, it is recommended to contact our company before negotiations any sort of transport or foreign commerce with the total confidence that our staff will be pleased to provide you the information you require, being as helpful as you deserve to.

We are experts in logistics


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